Friday, June 06, 2008

Dani's First Beach Vacation!

Well we took our big vacation for 2008 early this summer. We traveled by RV from St. Louis to Navarre Beach, Florida. It was a 14 hour drive one way and that part was long and tiring. However once we arrived, I think it was a great success for all of us. The kids had a wonderful time swimming, catching crabs and fish, playing at the arcade, etc. The weather was beautiful. Dani had such a great time at the beach and at the pool. The boys and I got a little sunburnt much to Kelli's dismay! No whining she exclaims! hehe. Gotta Love her. All in all, again it being Dani's first real road trip and beach experience I think she had a great deal of fun. The boys I know had fun and were very sad to go home. Probably cause they didnt want to do chores, but more probably cause they had a blast! Its these times that I truly cherish with my family. And think about how truly blessed that Kelli and I are to have such great kids and how blessed we are for as well as Dani is doing. Hope everyone has a great summer!