Friday, July 25, 2008

A Wonderful Introduction

It is with great joy and with a revived belief in the greatness of a stranger’s heart, that I get to report that God blessed us with the event we had been longing for. Last evening we were blessed to be able to meet Danica’s bone marrow donor. We were able to share stories about the situation with each other, our collective struggles, and we were able to connect as people and now great friends. I don’t think that Kelli and I can ever fully express our gratitude for the sacrifice made for the benefit of our Dani or that we will ever be able to repay them for it either. But I hope they know how much we love them for this wonderful gift and that we will continue to try as hard as possible to pay it forward for the remainder of our lives with their example as our guide. Thank you J, S, J, and M!!!