Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Infusion Complete

I was waiting to get pics to post but I have not made it to Walgreens yet. Dani had her first of at least three infusions two Fridays ago. She did well and it took about 2 1/2 hours. We always know how the day is going to go on how quickly we can get the IV going. Fortunately they got it on the first try this time. She still had an off day last Friday (droppy at daycare) but when she got home she took a bath (she LOVES them) and seemed fine the rest of the night. They will recheck numbers after the third infusion to see if we need to keep going. Her next appointment is Sept 8th. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A small step back

Hi All,

Above are some pictures that Dani's donor sent from our visit. She is getting sooo big. We have had a little set back. She started daycare part time in March. She has had mutiple ear infections, multiple pink eye, and Hands, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Also if she gets bit by a bug it seems to get infected easily. So after this last bout of double ear infections, both eyes having pink eye, three bacterial infections from bug bites, and a nail on each hand peeling from the bottom up, Jason said call HemOnc and asked them. So we called and her IgG (part of her immune system) was low in November (187 and the norm is 500-1000). I am not sure still at this point why it was not rechecked this spring but we ran blood work yesterday and her IgG is at 54. So we are going to start a monthly infusion for the next six months.

Keep her in your thoughts and hope this is just a minor stumbling block.