Monday, August 09, 2010

Gabe, Ethan, and Dani are enjoying their last week of Freedom before school starts. Missy Miss is still receiving her IVIG infusions. We have appointments for the eye doctor and dentist. Her eye is turning in again. We notice it when she is tired. And her front tooth is turning colors. Nothing seems to bother her so all is good at the moment. We are going to start working on Halloween costumes as soon as we get school settled.
Gabe is starting 8th grade, Ethan 6th, and Dani is in her last year at Pre-School. Next year we will have every school covered.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Spring is here!

Sorry all for the long time away. The kids are keeping me busy. We now have a teenager in the house. Gabe turned 13 in March. Here we go .....
Ethan is busy with band and student council. They are both ready for school to be out. Which I can not believe is coming so soon.
Dani is doing well. She is still getting monthly infusions (although she got to skip February). Her left eye is starting to wander again so patching needs to ramp up. Wish us luck with that since she still wont wear her glasses. She is still enjoying preschool and daycare. All of her teachers tell me how motherly she is with the younger kids. She learns something new everyday and her vocabulary is amazing. I wish I could take videos still. She LOVES to dance still and Glee is her favorite show right now. Her favorite movies currently are Shrek 3 and Alice In Wonderland. She can work the DSI like you would not believe. She loves to draw, color, and paint. She bosses her brothers around daily.
I have a TON of pictures on my camera but I have lost the cable to download them so until I get that settled the two of her from above are from the cell phones.
Jason has done wonders with the garden. We should have a good supply of veggies this year. I need to get to planting. Hopefully this weekend. I just had my gallbladder out so I am trying to take it easy for a bit.
That is all I can think of right now. Hope you all are doing well.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. We had a Skull Master, Ninja, and a Chicken in our fold. We also enjoyed the Klenke MPS Bowl. Everyone had a blast and won some nice gifts in the silent auction.
The boys are doing well in school and Dani is already looking forward to her birthday.
She is going for another infusion on the 12th and will be seeing the PT/OT to look at her fingers. We have a tenative date of 12/08 for her ear tubes and vision test. We also have a date of 11/17 to go over her IEP.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

School is in session

School has started and she is loving it. We also get to skip an infusion this month which is awesome. Not much else is going on. We are working on potty training still and it is coming along. She will be going to see an ENT in September because she continues to have ear infections.
I don't believe I put anything on her about her getting three staples in her forehead. She decided to climb her dresser and that was not the best idea. We tried glue first and that was off before we got home from the ER so we had to go back. They put in three staples and by the next morning she had one out. Imagine that. She will have a nice scar but her hair will definitely cover it up.
Above is some more pictures from San Diego and then Dad and Dani chilling playing guitars. Also her first school photo (with the hat).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We can not say how much fun it was to visit with everyone in San Diego. We stalked Guy's show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" with PJ and it was a blast. Then we got a tour of the military base and saw subs, carriers, and lots of different aircraft. Can not even tell you how much fun all of us had with the first day. Pie Eye you are awesome! It would take a full page to fill in the rest and maybe I will as the time goes on (don't hold your breath). We visited Sea World, Disneyland (for about ummmmm an hour, the most expensive hour of our existence) and Hollywood. The boys got a tour of an aircraft carrier. They LOVED it. The condo was beautiful and I think we had the most enjoyable time there. We met up with Matthew, Michelle, Brittney, Lynette, Larry, and Romel. Did I mention it was sooo much fun? I just keep thinking back and smiling.
... wish I was there right now. We have done continual IVIG infusions so we just had another one last week Daycare called today and Miss Dani had bleeding out her ear. Yeah ... So I took her to the ped. She is acting fine and no fever so we will see an ENT soon. I already have a call in to get us bumped up to the ENT at Children's Hospital. The ped says she has an ear infection in one ear and fluid in the other. They were suppose to call in an antibiotic for pickup but I had to call the emergency line because ummm someone forgot (six hours later). They will be getting a call in the morning.
Overall I can not complain. Bumps in the road are going to happen. San Diego and all the family ( Romel, Lynette, and Larry your included) help make the world a better place! Dumb Blogger will only let me download sooo many pictures.
Enjoy your summer! I can not believe it is almost August.

Vacation and More

Friday, July 03, 2009


A lot has occurred in the last few weeks. Dani had to have another infusion and on the same day my Dad passed away.
For those that do not know my Dad has been dealing with health issue since my high school graduation (1991) I just dated myself didn't I?

My Dad was an amazing man. He was filled with jokes and laughter. He was easy going, easy to talk to, and would help anyone. He was so knowledgable and was the go to man for help. Any household issue you could ask him and he would give you the solution or point you in the right direction. He helped his family and friends (his kids friends too) any way he could. He LOVED his grandkids.

He had a stroke in 1999 and was not himself after that although still had his moments. I talked to him a few different times about household issues and he would tell me exactly the problem. I am very sadden that Ethan and Dani never knew him as he was. Gabe can remember him somewhat but most of the other Grandkids, I believe, realize and appreciate who he was before his ailments.
He was my best friend and helped Mom and I make it through her menopause (sorry Mom) and my pre teen and teenage years. They coincided ... he had it rough. I can not say enough to show how wonderful he was.

He will be greatly missed and very appreciated. I will update another day on our trip to San Diego which occurred during this time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry it has been so long

I have been told by many this past week that I am lacking in my updates. Sorry to you all. I was waiting for new photos and also there is alot going on. I am sure that is true with the majority. Dani is still having to get infusions. She has had one each month so far this year. I need to get her blood work done this month to see if she will need one again but we are assuming she will. Missy Miss has had double ear infections the past week and a little bout of pneumonia. She is doing some breathing treatments.

She still loves daycare and her early childhood classes. Ms Macy and Ms Betsy are her favorite. She loves painting and reading. Oh and bossing her brothers around.

Great Grandma Boni past away this last week and we will miss her. She was a wonderful person and so supportive of Dani and all of us. She was always there for Missy Miss and sent so much love through all the trial. I can see how Dani gets her stubborness. There is way to much irish on both sides.