Thursday, August 20, 2009

School is in session

School has started and she is loving it. We also get to skip an infusion this month which is awesome. Not much else is going on. We are working on potty training still and it is coming along. She will be going to see an ENT in September because she continues to have ear infections.
I don't believe I put anything on her about her getting three staples in her forehead. She decided to climb her dresser and that was not the best idea. We tried glue first and that was off before we got home from the ER so we had to go back. They put in three staples and by the next morning she had one out. Imagine that. She will have a nice scar but her hair will definitely cover it up.
Above is some more pictures from San Diego and then Dad and Dani chilling playing guitars. Also her first school photo (with the hat).

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