Thursday, November 13, 2008


Dani's appointment went well. Her ejection fraction is between 60-63 (better then last time) and they only increased one med this time. They tried to do a 3D echo but she was done after the regular so we did not get that done nor the EKG.

Her mitral valves are a bit worse but he does not seem to mind. She is back to needing a antibiotic before a dentist appointment.

Baby steps is what we do as many of you know. She is sooooo enjoyable and has such a good time with her brothers. I am hoping Santa brings me a new digital camera for Christmas (Hint Hint Jason ... :) ) Mine has been gone since June. I want some new videos of their cute interactions.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy 2 Year Anniversary

Today is Dani's 2 year post transplant. We can not believe it is two years past. I wanted to post these pics. They are Dani and her Cousin Kendyl on Halloween. Then a few are at my sister's housewarming and the kids LOVED the horseback riding (Thanks Jerry). The group one is some of the girls at our family reunion.

She has some appointments coming up. This Tuesday she goes to the cardiologist to see how her heart function is. Then the next week she gets tested by the Ferguson/Florissant school district to see if she qualifies for services and gets another round of immunizations. I will update you as I get results.