Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We just got the news that Dani is 100% donor cells. It is wonderful and an awesome Christmas gift!!! She does not have to go back to clinic for six months. She will start her immunizations in April and go to the eye doctor in March but Clinic and Cardiology she will not have to do until May. Yeah!!!!

We started the process today to find out who her donor is. I am hoping we will be able to thank them for all they have done for Missy Miss.

We are ready for Christmas and hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!! Dani LOVED the first snow of the season as you can see from the pics.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Dani!!!

Hi All!!!
Well Miss Dani is two today. She is doing really well. So far her test have come back very well. We are still waiting on her Bone Marrow Aspiration test. That will show us if she still is 100% donor in her Marrow. I am posting some pics. This is the first big function at our house and it went really well. I thank all that came and enjoyed Missy Miss.
On another note ... There is a little girl, Jillian, that is needing a Bone Marrow Transplant. Her Grandparents are local to us. She is two and has Leukemia. She is having a Bone Marrow Drive here in St. Charles MO this Sunday December 9th. I will post her link below. I know a lot of you have already gotten on the registry so if you either want to send prayers and thoughts her way or make a monetary donation.
Her website is ... Her Grandpa is from St. Charles MO.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Day +360

Hi All!!!

Sorry I did not update last week but it was hectic. All of Dani's counts came back fine on Monday so we are just going to keep an eye on her and see how this virus plays out. We went on a family vacation to Las Vegas. We left on Wednesday (Halloween) and got back very eary in the morning on Sunday. The boys had a lot of fun. We went to Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, Circus Circus, and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.

I can not believe we are coming up on a year already. It will be a year on Friday. Wow ... We are so thankful for all of your support!!! We could not have made it through these last two years without all of you.

Dani is scheduled for testing for her one year review

Nov 12th - Bone Marrow Aspiriation
Nov 13th - Audiology and Clinic Visit
Nov 27th - Cardiologist

I will let you all know the results when I have them.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catching Everyone Up

Hi All,

Well Dani broke out in a rash last weekend. Grandma Boni took her into the clinic on Monday and they did some lab work. They concluded it was viral and said it would be gone in awhile. Dani has been acting fine since the week before when she got sick at Grandma Dunn's.

Her rash was better (I was putting steriod cream on it three times a day) by Wednesday. So all was good. When I got off work on Friday Kari, our nurse at clinic, called my cell phone. She said she had been trying to get a hold of us since Wednesday (good start to a conversation). With all the turmoil and new phone numbers not all the charts got updated. So she said that Dani's test for HHV6 came back positive. That is a form of Herpes. So they want to see her tomorrow. I googled it and did not like what I googled but all the negative was if she got it a couple weeks after transplant.

So I will let you all know what is going on tomorrow. She is still acting fine and as demanding as ever.

As a side note ... On Discovery Health there was a show about Mystery Diagnosises. The first half is about a wonderful little boy, Zach, that has MPS II (Hunter's Syndrome). It goes a bit in depth about MPS in general. Here is the download ...

I will be on tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Dani broke out in a rash this weekend. All over her body. We were all very concerned and I did more research this weekend then I have in a few months. She always acted fine but the rash was not pretty. Grandma Boni took her to clinic today to get it checked out and her WBC where back up to 4.2. They think it is still viral. That is wonderful news because we were all worrying it was GVHD.

She is still acting fine and we actually ordered her new glasses today. I will take pictures when we get them in and post them. Thanks everyone for all the thoughts, help, and prayers!!!

Mason and Sara passed away last week ... On top of all that was going on it was overwhelming.

Mason's journal is at

and Sara's from what I know did not have a website but was a beautiful girl with a wonderful Mom. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of your families!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A stumbling block

The above pics are from this weekend and Dani in her Halloween shirt.

Dani has not been feeling good this week. She was actually sick at Grandma's on Tuesday and very cranky all week. She does not have a fever so that is good. Anyway we were concerned so we took her to do lab work today and everything is normal except her WBC are at 2.0. Very Low. We are not happy.

So we will be keeping an eye on her and taking her back for labs next week. The good news is today she seemed to be feeling better so hopefully we are on the upswing.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dani and Papa (and Papa's chair)

Dani is really enjoying her time at Grandma's house. She really enjoys Papa's chair. It is one that has the massager and such in it. So when ever Papa gets up she runs over and climbs up. Then Grandma turns on all the gizmos. Mom said when Dani hears Papa coming back toward the chair she starts yelling but gets down. Yeah ... she is a bit spoiled. Go figure.
She is doing well. She says soo many words I can not even list them all. We are working on potty training still and using utensils. We are going to San Diego on Halloween to visit PJ (you might all remember him). The boys are especially excited to get a tour of the base and a naval carrier. We will also being going to the Zoo while we are there. We can not wait!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day +324

Hi All!!!

Well Dani went to clinic last Monday and all was well. She will be off Cyclosporine (sp?) (anti-rejection) on Monday. Her next step on meds is getting off of her antibotics six months from now. She will have a cardiology appointment in December and she will have her year post transplant testing in November. This past clinic appointment was awesome and Grandma Boni and Sami handled it wonderfully. Dani does not have to go back until November (year post transplant) and she only has to go to Quest once a month.

Jobs are going well. Jason had a hiccup the last couple days and was in the hospital but all the results came up fine and he is gonna start focusing on his health. We have had too much drama these last few years and with Missy Miss doing so well we are gonna try to get back to normal. I think we have forgotten how it is not to have drama in our lives and to be bored ... I want to be bored.

Hugs to everyone that has helped Dani through her life and we can not ever express how much we appreciate and love all of you!!!! I am not done with her blog in the least but I will not be updating it as frequently as I was. We are going to San Diego at the end of October and I will be posting pictures after we get back.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Day +309

WBC 6.4
Hemo 13
Platelets 311
ANC 3392
Retic 1.2

Well ... Dani's numbers are wonderful . We are soo happy they are continuing to go up. Missy Miss is learning more signs and words. She know the signs for "More" and "Please. And she is saying a ton of words. We are working on fine motor skills and she is picking up on that also. She has puzzles, shape sorters, and has a Mrs. Potatoe Head. She is also eating a ton of new things. She says Done, Hello, Mom, Morning, Please, Thank You, More, and a few more I am sure I am forgetting.
The boys are doing really well in school also. Gabe is going to start in band and Ethan is playng soccer.

Jason started a new job this past Monday and I will be starting a new job this next Monday. As it always is stated things happen for a reason and we will be in a MUCH better place and position with these new jobs then we were before. There is a reason for everything.

Thanks everyone for the support and concern and we keep trudging along...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day +293

Labs from Monday:

WBC 4.8
Hemoglobins 13.3
Platelets 240
ANC 1776
Height 33 inches
Weight 30 lbs 3 ounces

I will try to take some new pictures today. Her ANC is back up so that is good. They think maybe the eye surgery stressed her body out and that was why it was low. We had a long visit Monday but they said she is doing great. The next month or so will be the test. The Rituximed (sp?) will start to wear off and she is weaning off the Cyclosporine and will be done with that Oct 1st. So if things are going to change it will show this fall. Fingers Crossed.

We had our follow up visit for the eye doctor today. He said everything looks fine from the recovery standpoint but her left eye is still a little crossed. She will go back at the beginning of December for a second follow up. At that point we will talk about possibly having to redo the surgery on her left eye. The doctor did say if we wanted to we could try the patch and glasses again and see if she is a little more cooperative. So we will give that a try.

The therapist from First Steps is coming today and I am hoping Missy Miss will be cooperative with her. She is still learning new things everyday and saying more words. Daddy bought her a working (but play) microphone and she sings the beginning of Fergie's song "Big Girl's Don't Cry" (La la la la) and "Brella" from Rhianna's song Umbrella. Daddy also made up new words to Amy Whinehouse's song "Rehab" and he sings "They try to make me go to preschool and I said No No No" and she will sing the No No No part. It is cute.

Anyway ... I had to edit the blog the last entry because we were told if I did not then we would not get our final paychecks. They said I had inaccurate information on there. This was all by email. So Jason asked for the accurate information so we could be "Truthful" but did not get a reply back. Go Figure.

We are both sending out resumes and Jason has been on a couple interviews so hopefully things will get back to normal soon on that front. If anyone missed it Jason and I were both fired from our job on August 10th. The day after Dani's surgery. I did not go into work because Dani has been sick the night before and they told Jason when he walked in. I still have never be told why I was fired. My termination letter says per our conversation with your husband. Five years and that is what I get. Nice!!! Talk about lack of loyalty. Which was the reason they fired Jason. He put his resume on Monster. ANYWAY ... we are trudging along. Everything happens for a reason and I am sure things will end up better in the long run.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Day +281

Counts from last Thursday 8/9/07

WBC 3.7
Hemoglobins 11.5
Platelets 236
ANC 1073
Retic 1.15

Today's Count
WBC 3.5
Hemoglobins 12.9
Platelets 300
ANC 805
Retic 0.9

We are a bit concerned with her ANC being below 1000 and continuing to go down. We will keep an eye on it and see. She has been acting fine. She has somehow learned the sign for "more" and it is soo cute. She also nows sings "Brella, Brella, Brella" which is from that Rihanna song "Umbrella".

Her eyes are doing fine and the blood is about gone around them. I will update with a picture soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

All Things Happen For A Reason

Most importantly Dani is doing wonderfully. I have some pics I am posting from the boys getting home yesterday. I still do not have her numbers from Thursday but I will call Monday to get them. She was sick Thursday night all over me and our bed so we took a late bath and Jason cleaned up the mess. Fun Fun. Her eyes are bloodshot in the corners and to the pupils, but she is acting ok. Maybe a bit more whiney then normal.
The boys are starting school tomorrow. I am not sure what the heat will play into that but they are ready to get back and see their friends.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day +273

I will add her labs when I get them.

Dani is ok and sleeping right now. This was probably the hardest recovery room visit we had. She was sooo woozy that she clung to the nurse for a minute or five, and did not recognize us. The insides of her eyes (toward her nose) is red and swollen and that could last a few weeks. She will be hazy in her eyes from the drops and such until tomorrow morning. She was still, right before nap, still acting like she had a good night at the bar (stumbling and such). Yet, as Missy Miss always does, she was smiling and wanting to dance after we got home.

The best news out of this surgery is her eye sight has not gotten worse over the year. Dr. Tysen said we would wait a few months and see about the lens implant surgery. Right now developmentally she is doing fine and if she starts struggling we will pursue the other surgery. His concer is that she has corneal clouding and that will not stop after the lens implant. So it is a wait and see type of thing

Friday, July 27, 2007

Day +260

WBC 3.8
Hemoglobins 13.2
Platelets 284
ANC 1900
Retic .93
Weight 29 lbs 5 ozs
Height 33 inches

Sorry for no update last week but my computer crashed and I lost all the data. All is well though. Dani has a slight rash under her neck but we all think it is just heat rash. She did go to clinic today and received IVIG but they ran a blood test to check if she still needed it and she does not ... she is normal in that regard. She is off of steriods and we are going to start weaning her Cyclosporine (sp?) again. She will be completely off of it by October 1st if all goes well.

I am going to try to go back to work full time. We really need to increase income so we are going to try a home daycare situation. Her cousin Kendall (Erin is gonna shoot me because I am pretty sure I spelt her name wrong) will be there and they are only 1 month apart so Dani will get to spend time with other kids. Wish us luck!!!!

Dani is talking more and more everyday. She mimics a lot of words but clearly says Mom, Bye, Hi, Dad, and Einstein (Baby Einstein). She will be having eye surgery August 9th. It is an outpatient procedure and hopefully will help with keeping her glasses on.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Day +246 Good News Bad News

WBC 3.6

Hemoglobin 13.9

Platelets 271

ANC 2304

Dani's numbers are a bit improved and we will take it. We went to the cardiologist today to check how her heart was doing after weaning off two of her four meds.

The good news is her heart is functioning normally. Her Ejection Fraction was 60. 55 is the low end of normal and it was 47 in June. When she was a newbie it was 36. Her shortening fraction was 32 . Less then 25 is very bad. When she was a newbie it was 18 and the last visit it was 28 (in June).

The bad news is her heart valves are thickening and leaking. This will be a wait and see scenario and right not he is not overly concerned about it. I will be doing research from post transplant Hurler kids and see if I can find anything. Jason and I thought as did Dani's cardiologist that we would not have this issue post transplant. Maybe it was missed because it was so slight and her heart was so small when she was born but we do not know.

The pics our in our backyard with the kids enjoying the pool. We have had it for a few months but I just got up the energy to blow it up. Hehehe. All of the kids had a blast. Dad was a bit of a worrywart about Dani being in it by herself with the brothers so I unfortunately had to get in too. We had fun.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Day +242

WBC 3.2
Hemoglobins 13.7
Platelets 281
ANC 1472
Retic .8
Weight 29 lbs 4 ozs
Height 33 inches

I wish Dani's WBC count was higher but she has been acting fine. We are slowing weaning off meds. She officially down to two heart meds and we will go on Friday for an Echo to see how her heart is dealing with it. She has learn the fine art of taking her diaper off. So she has mooned us a few times in the morning when we go to get her out of bed. She is doing really well with the sippy cup and regular food.

We went to our local civic center for fireworks on the 4th and Dani did not enjoy them. She did not cry but clamped on to Jason and I and did not want to look at them. You could definitely tell she was scared so Jason walked her home while I stayed with Gabe and some friends of ours. They were really pretty and only about 4 blocks away from the house.

Ethan came back home on Friday and it was a hot weekend. We vegged on Saturday and went to a pool party for my Great Nephew Mason on Sunday. The boys had a blast with swimming and playing games. They are now staying at Grandma's for a couple days.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Day +234

WBC 6.1
Platelets 266
Hemoglobins 13.7
ANC 5490
Retic 1.08
Weight 29.4
Height 33"

Dani's numbers where wonderful today. She did get her IVIG, which will boost her immune systems. She does not have to go back for four weeks. She is definitely coming to her "terrible two" stage, but we are fine with that. She really amazes us with her natural dancing skills.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Send A Prayer

Kallie is a little girl with Hurler's that had her transplant 2 1/2 months before Dani. She is not doing well and in PICU.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Danica's Charity Golf Tourney 2007

Here is a little view of the fun we had!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day +228 (I think)

I just wanted to post some pictures from the golf tournament. We can not thank everyone enough for coming out and showing support and of course having fun. We had a few bouts of rain and some of us received more moisture than others (Love you Michelle!!!). I do think we all had a fun time and I heard no complaints. Janet and Darren put together an awesome event and there were so many others that helped make it a success.

Dani is an amazing little girl and she blows us away daily on how much she accomplishes and her wonderful personality. She still amazes me with not crying at all when they draw blood or even being afraid when we go into the labs. We go in on Friday for her next dose of IVIG.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Day +226 A Day at the Zoo

WBC 5.0
Hemo 13.8
Platelets 310
ANC 3200
Retic - Do not have yet
We went to the Zoo yesterday. It was really hot but overall it was a fun time. We met our friends Jenny, Chase, Olivia, and Jack. We went through the Children's Zoo, rode on the train, and saw many different animals. The first three photos are from there. The second one, Dani has a cookie in her mouth.
The last photo is Dani sitting in her basket in the dining room. She thinks that is her chair. All is fine here and Grandma Dunn is doing well with her surgery. My Aunt Dorothy passed away this week and I send out prayers for her family.
The golf tournment is tomorrow and should be pretty hot but a lot of fun. I will try to take lots of pictures to show all. A good friend passed away two weeks ago and I miss her advice and guidance. Please visit and take in what a wonderful Mom she was and how much she will be missed. Amy was amazing and so proactive on finding out how to take care of her little ones. Hugs to her husband and babies and I know they will use Amy's strength to get through.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day +220

WBC - 7.1

Hemo - 13.9

Platelets 380

ANC - 6461

Retic - 1.2

It might come off as a shock to some, but today me, Daddy is writing in my baby's blog. Its Fathers Day and I wanted to post today. I so much appreciate my children. Gabe and Ethan are the best stepsons a Dad could have. I enjoy and believe that I am very lucky to have them in my life and I wanted to say that out loud today. And as far as Dani goes, I am the luckiest Dad in the whole world to have such a wonderful and special young lady as my daughter. For all that she has endured up to this point and the way she is still amazes me daily. I pray that she continues to move in the right direction past all of the doctors and needles and medicines and that she begins to live life free of all of this at some point. I have big dreams for her. I dream about her first days of school, and playing with all of the other kids. Going to her plays or games. Dances, dresses, driving lessons, college, marriage, and grandkids. In a Perfect World!
But as long as we continue to take this day by day, minute by minute I am happy. Because I dont want to miss a thing. Not a single thing. I love you Dani, more than life itself baby. You are my sunshine and my star. Kissess and Hugs.

I wanted to also let the world know how much I love my wife today as well. See I got so lucky that Fathers Day this year happens to be Kelli and my 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We had a great dinner last night and I really enjoyed spending time out with her just the two of us. Kelli is a very special woman and I am a very lucky husband. She is exactly what Dani and the boys need and she does so much to impact all of our lives daily. She may never really know how much we really count on her, she deserves so much more gratitude and appreciation and I hope that all of us can live up to the task of repaying her for all that she does.

Well you may have noticed all of Dani's counts look better, and lets keep them getting better! She was taken off her Dijoxin for her heart this week and starting tomorrow she will be weened off of her Lasix for her heart too. And the steriods are continuing to being weened too so very happy for that too. She has lost her Predisone belly and chubby cheeks now and she is looking more like herself. She gets around much better too without all of the extra stuff. She is being very vocal these days and its only a matter of time before she is talking IN ENGLISH..haha. I am scared.

Well I will let Mom post more if she likes and I am going to finish watching the Nascar race now. Happy Fathers Day Daddy Boni and Daddy Dunn!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Day +212

WBC 4.4
Hemo 13.4
Platelets 393
ANC 2464
Retic - Did not get yet

Dani is doing well. She is still trying to cut molars and has a runny nose but otherwise all is fine. She is showing her stubborness and temper which is good (in most cases ;) ) She went to her cardiologist visit yesterday morning. Her heart is pretty much the same. We are probably going to put off her heart surgery until next summer because of new findings with the American Heart Association. We are leary of her being put under 3 times in such a short time and we can not do the eye and heart surgery at the same time now. We are going to start weaning her off of some of her heart meds next weekend and see how that goes. She will go back in about a month for another echo. She will also continue to wean off of her steriods.

We are very excited to have Ethan back home after being at his Dad's for two weeks. Dani has been chuckling a ton today with him.

In our small world Innis, our guniea pig, passed away yesterday. I think I was more effected then the others. He was my first pet that I personally have lost. I feel guilty because I have been waiting for his demise just for the fact that there is so much to take care of around here. We have the 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and at the time Innis. Plus of course the house and job (what limited time I get to go there). He was having issues last weekend and I thought he was getting better but yesterday he could not even move. I gave him a bath and cuddled him in a towel for a bit. Gabe and I had to watch him slowly pass on and it was hard. Gabe, being 10, seemed less effected than I, he was asking about getting a mouse already. There will be none of that.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day +204

Thursday's MRI went well. It was not the funniest time either I or Dani have had but it could of been worse. Dani was a trooper and never griped about not eating. The worst part for me was walking into the MRI room and her being happy as a lark about sitting on the table in the bright light and then watching her eyes roll back in her head after they gave her the drugs. I really would prefer not going through that again but if it helps her to be comfortable than I will of course.

WBC 5.8
Hemoglobin 14.5
Platlets 373
ANC 4466
Weight 29 lbs 1 oz
Height 33 inches
Retic 1.44

Her numbers were awesome this morning. She got her IVIG so that hopefully will help her WBC go up. She does not have to go back to clinic for 4 weeks. We are very excited. We just have to go to the local Quest labs to give blood on Fridays. She did well today for not having a nap and all.

We saw the eye doctor and they are scheduling the muscle correction surgery now. We are hoping to get this surgery and fixing the hole in her heart at the same time. We shall see. We go back to the cardiologist next Friday. They will measure her eyes while she is under and figure out exactly what she needs for the Lens Inplant surgery.

The videos below are her tap dancing and her telling you what a Cow says. She just learned that yesterday while waiting at the hospital.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day +202 Our Agenda

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend (here in the US :) ). We did for the most part. Dani and I laid low and spent the weekend at home. She finally cut two molars and is working on a third. She had a fever overnight Sunday night into Monday. I was hoping it was just the teething and I think it was. You could tell she did not feel good though. Poor baby. She has created some new words, but we are not sure what they mean. But at least she is trying. I made her watch racing all day Sunday (instead of dancing to music). I am hoping to convert her early. hehehe

Jason and the boys went camping overnight Sunday into Monday. They fished and caught tabpoles and such. They love going and sitting around the campfire. Ethan was attacked by every bug known to man so he enjoyed himself immensely. We BBQed on Monday and just took it easy. It was fun. Jason and I have really been working on the house inside and out. I will post pictures of all the flowers we have planted and the bar downstairs that he has remodeled soon.

I did not mention it before but we went to "The Angelman Syndrome" walk-a-thon a couple of weeks ago. Website . Our really good friends Rick and Suzanne's oldest baby boy has this. It was an awesome event. It was held at Jefferson Barracks State Park and we all enjoyed ourselves. Us five went and then a friend from work, Jenny and her son Jack met us there. The boys and Jack had a blast following the trial and enjoying each other. We met up with a few friends we had not seen in awhile (Trevor and his new wife Kim) and then Ricky's parents. We will definitely be going from now on.

Well today we were going to go to the Zoo but it was rained out. Tomorrow Dani is scheduled for an MRI (under anesthesia) and then Friday we have the IVIG (Immune Boost) infusions and the eye doctor appointment. I will let you know how it goes.

Vibeke is getting ready to start infusions and it is very exciting that she finally got approval. Thanks for all the love and thoughts.

Erin ..... I will try the teddy grahams next but I am really working on veggies right now. I did buy baby goldfish but have not opened them yet. She is still more picky then I am used to. The boys use to just shovel everything in. She is more stubborn than Gabe which amazes me.

She is definitely a smart one and knows what we are talking about and the schedule for the day. She tells me what is next in the morning when getting ready. She will tell me when it is time to brush her teeth and when it is time to clean her ears. She now will not keep socks on her feet.

Please do not forget the Golf Tournament on Saturday June 23rd. It should be a lot of fun and there is always prizes to win.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Day +197

WBC 5.1
Hemoglobins 14
Platelets 382
ANC 3315
Retic 5.3

Well this morning Dani decided to worry us because she had a rash under her chin. This afternoon it is better so we will keep an eye on it. Her numbers are good. We are waiting for her Retic number to see about weaning her steriods so more.

She is now on a sippy cup and is tap dancing. She loves her dancing. I will try to take a video of it. She is still not the happiest about table food. She is starting to eat Honey Nut cheerios.

The boys are out of school and are very happy about it. Grandma Dunn is getting her other hand done on the 6th of June so more happy thoughts her way. PJ (my nephew that was in the accident at the end of last year) is back on a Naval Carrier and outside of Iran. Send positive thoughts his way also to come home safely. He is on the USS Nimitz (sp?).

I hope everyone enjoys their long holiday weekend (US bound anyway) and all have a nice weekend!!!!! Send a special prayer that Vibeke in Norway will be started on Enzyme Replacement Therapy soon. She has been fighting so hard to get it and she is getting some positive comments back now.


Yvonne, Dani's nurse practioner, called back and she is going to get IVIG (Immune System Booster) next Friday. It is a four hour infusion so I hope we make our 1:00 appointment with the eye doctor to talk about the lens implant. They lowered her steriods from 3.0 daily to 2.8 ml daily. The rash we will keep an eye on and see if it gets any worse.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Day +190

WBC 6.8
Hemoglobins 12.8
Platelets 289
ANC 5644
Weight 28 lbs 14 ozs
Retic - 5.4

It was a good visit. All the numbers are going in the right direction. We are back to going to clinc every two weeks ... very exciting!!! They lowered her steriod dose. We will go to a local Quest Lab next week just to get numbers. They were talking earlier about starting IVIG (which boost the immune system) but that is not definite and I think the numbers might be good enough this week not to have too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day. We laid low and relaxed the entire day. We are getting a lot done around the house which is nice and so ready for the boys to be out of school. The next clinic visit is the same day as the prep session for Dani's eye surgery. It will be an interesting day.

Dani was tap dancing in clinic today and it was too cute. She is figuring out a lot around the house. Which means we have stepped up on child safety gadgets. She wants to go outside all the time now and we are still scared. But she has been out and not sure about her bare feet in the grass. Jason bought her a blow up pool so I will take pictures when she (and her brothers) get in.

Mom did well with her surgery and her next one is scheduled for June 6th. Keep the good thoughts rolling!!!

Do not forget about the golf tournament June 23rd. Jason is playing and I will be a beer girl. It should be a lot of fun. Shoot me an email for details

Friday, May 11, 2007

Day +183 Last Infusion ... We hope

WBC 13.8
Hemoglobins 11.5
Platelets 352
ANC 12,834
Weight 28 lbs 4 ozs
Retic 9.32

Dani started the day of in a mood. She was not happy with anything on the drive into the hospital. I warned them when we got there and they pushed things along. It could of be worst or better but we were very happy it is hopefully the last infusion forever. Her counts are pretty good. Her ANC is high because her immune systems has been suppressed from these infusions and the calculation they use to get this number is errored (sp?).

She has a clear runny nose that we are hoping does not get any worse. She is kind of back to ground zero with her immune system so we have to continue to be careful with cleanliness and such. We have not really relaxed in that department so no big deal.

She loves her music and her gerber graduate crackers. I have a video I will download her in a bit of her dancing. She will grab the remote for the TV or just stand in front of any TV and start bobbing up and down to dance. She loves watching videos.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 15th

This is MPS Awareness Day around the world. NASDAQ will ring the opening bell in acknowledgment of it. I have been trying to get work to do a casual day for it but I think they are tired of us. Here is an independpent movie about MPS II.

This is an article on a wonderful group of girls and their Mom and Dad's daily struggle.

Please consider being a bone marrow donor. It is free to apply online until May 21st. Go to to find out more information.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day +180 - 6 Months Post Transplant

WBC 8.6
Hgb 10.7
Platelets 403
ANC 7396
Retic 14.44 (Normal .50 - 1.50)
Weight 28lbs 14 ozs (But it was a new nurse and she let her keep her clothes and diaper on)

Sunday was the big day!!!! Dani is 6 months post transplant. We did go to clinic yesterday (Monday) to make up for missing Friday. As you can see the numbers slipped a little but are still ok. The Retic is showing, because it is high, that she is still chewing up Red Blood Cells. So we want to see that come down. She will get her last infusion this Friday and hopefully her body will balance out. She is now being weaned off of the steriods. She went from 7ml to 4ml in the last week. Hopefully she will lose some weight so she can wear some of her new outfits she just got. She is a buddha baby right now.

I received an email from another Mom of a Hurler's patient (which I need to call ;) ) and her daughter is 10 years post transplant. She has Cardiomyothopy and had this particular Anemia ... amazing how similar they are. She said that she is free of the Anemia now but it took years to wean her off meds. So that kind of puts this in perspective. She also said she is a normal and social 10 year old with no orthopedic issues. I can not wait to talk to her more.

Last but not least to mention is the "Thanks Mom" Marrow Donor Drive through the National Marrow Donor Program is going on now till May 21st. That means that it is free to become a donor right now (even online!!!! ). If you have not done this yet please consider it and I will post the link below. Save a life!!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Day +176

WBC 9.6

Platelets 509

Hemoglobins 12.2

ANC 6144

We did not go to clinic today. I have been sick all week and did not want to spread my germs nor sit with Dani in a small room to chance getting her sick. Dr. Hayashi is not there this week so they talked to Dr. Shenoy and she said we could wait till next Friday for her next infusion. I asked Dani's nurse Carrie to follow up with Dr. Hayashi on Monday to make sure that was ok. We went to Quest this morning for a blood draw to make sure her hemoglobins were ok and as you can tell all her numbers are really good!!!!

She has been doing well. The pictures above were taken by Grandma Dunn when she was watching Dani on Thursday. It was labeled Dani's new trick. This was the first time she climbed up. Her hips do not seem to be holding her back at all. Grandma Dunn gets her surgery next Wednesday so everyone keep her in your thoughts that all goes well!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Day +173 - 2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion on her vision

I LOVED this doctor. He knew we were coming for a second opinion. He took a lot of time explaining things and gave us as much information as he had.

To catch everyone up. Dani is VERY near-sighted. She also hates her glasses and patching. I mean she will keep her glasses on for an hour or so because she knows she will be in trouble if she does not but she still hates them. We thought that if the glasses where really helping her she would get use to them. That has not been the issue. She was diagnosised in July of last year -14 in one eye and -17 in the other. That doctor (Dr. Tychsen) was very abrupt and did not seem like a people person (I know when you get to a specialist that might be the case). He wants to do a lens implant at the same time as the muscle correction for her crossed eye. When I googled that or talked to our insurance I could not find out much information. So I wanted a second opinion to make sure the direction he wanted to go was the right one.

Dr. Goodrich actually said he has referred some patients to Dr. Tychsen. Dr. Tychsen and another doctor (hospital) in Texas are the only ones doing lens implants. So he did not have a lot of information on the lens implant on children himself. He did try to figure out her refraction while we were in the clinic and he came close enough to Dr. Tychsen's that he had no issues with it. He said a few items he would not be able to determine unless he put Dani under like Dr. Tychsen did.

He also told us that this is a step above an experimental procedure. He said maybe 10-100 children nationwide have had this done. He said if we asked the clinic we can get the info of success rate and complications. He was not sure insurance would cover it. But he said it was appropriate for Dr. Tychsen to want to do this.

He mentioned another procedure which would be put a corrective lens on top of her pupil and get her to an almost zero for now. The downfall on that is cataracts getting worse (she already has corneal clouding) and glaucoma. But that would be later on down the line. Also her vision could continue to get worse so she would still need glasses later on down the road.

It just seems like Jason and I have to keep making these HUGE decisions and it will impact her life to a huge degree. I am selfish enough to want things to get easier at some point. It just does not seem to be in the cards right now. We will talk to the main nurse the first friday in June and make a decision then.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Day +172

Hi All,

I had a few people have been questioning the patch on Dani's eye. Sorry I should of commented on it when I put them up. Dani has Strabismus (one eye crossed) and they have been wanting me to patch her good eye to see if the muscles would strengthen on their own. I did not do it too much during transplant because she was going through enough and she hated it being on. We started again the last couple of weeks and she seems to tolerate it better.

She goes to the eye doctor for her second opinion tomorrow on the lens implant surgery. I am hoping she will cooperate with the exam so they can get an accurate reading. Wish us luck!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Day +169 Sixth time is the charm

WBC 16.3

Hgb 10.6

Platelets 306

ANC 15,332

Weight and Height were not taken this time. Ummmm we were there at 8:45 and did not get started with the infusion until 1:30. The nurses in the clinic tried both arms and blew them. Then an hour or so later a outpatient lab tech came in and tried her feet (never again). She screamed blood murder and the lab tech stuck her three times on her feet. She was sooo upset she had the blown veins swollen and they looked scary. So then 2 hours later the paramedic crew came in and choose her hand to try. They took a few moving the needle around and Dani did not like that but got a return so we where all relieved.

They started the hydrocortison and then the flush. When they slow the flush it started beeping. We looked at her hand and it was soaked with fluid (blood and clear). So they opened up the bandages and looked. They flushed it and all and it seemed to be fine. They then regave her the hydrocortisone and it seem to work fine. So we completed the infusion and it was 3:15 when we got out of there. That is amazing because this is a two hour infusion.
Anyway we are a little concerned over her high WBC and hope that settles again. Overall Dani was in pretty good spirits and doing fine right now.