Friday, April 27, 2007

Day +169 Sixth time is the charm

WBC 16.3

Hgb 10.6

Platelets 306

ANC 15,332

Weight and Height were not taken this time. Ummmm we were there at 8:45 and did not get started with the infusion until 1:30. The nurses in the clinic tried both arms and blew them. Then an hour or so later a outpatient lab tech came in and tried her feet (never again). She screamed blood murder and the lab tech stuck her three times on her feet. She was sooo upset she had the blown veins swollen and they looked scary. So then 2 hours later the paramedic crew came in and choose her hand to try. They took a few moving the needle around and Dani did not like that but got a return so we where all relieved.

They started the hydrocortison and then the flush. When they slow the flush it started beeping. We looked at her hand and it was soaked with fluid (blood and clear). So they opened up the bandages and looked. They flushed it and all and it seemed to be fine. They then regave her the hydrocortisone and it seem to work fine. So we completed the infusion and it was 3:15 when we got out of there. That is amazing because this is a two hour infusion.
Anyway we are a little concerned over her high WBC and hope that settles again. Overall Dani was in pretty good spirits and doing fine right now.

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