Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day +166 Rituximab Infusion

WBC 7.4
Hemoglobins 11
Weight 26 lbs 6 ozs
Height 32 3/4 inches

I forgot her paperwork at home so I do not have all her numbers. But they all looked good. We started Rituximab yesterday. We got there at 8:30 and the infusion did not start until 11:00. She had tylenol, benadryl (both oral), and then hydracortison through her IV prior to the infusion. They hooked her up to a heart monitor (3 leads), a post ox on her toe, and then her IV in her arm. So there was no putting her down to walk. They also did not have a room so we where back in the infusion center. By 11:00 Dani is very done with the whole situation especially after she realizes she can not get done and be free. So she screamed for a half hour or so until she passed out from exhaustion. Not a fun moment in time. She slept for an hour and a half which was almost the whole infusion time which was nice. I laid on a recliner and she laid on top of me.

They originally said it would take 5 hours but only took half that amount which was nice. Next time it actually should be quicker than that. She had no reaction and was very stable through it all. I will take her into Quest by the house Wednesday morning for a finger prick to make sure her hemoglobins are staying up. Hopefully we will not have to go back until next week.

I feel like I am forgetting to include something so I might be back later.... I hope you all have a nice week.


I did find out they are only planning on giving Dani 4 infusions. I also asked them to change clinic days from Monday's to Friday's. Primarily because my mom (who watches Dani three days a week) is getting Carpal Tunnel Surgery on May 4th. Grandma Boni is available to watch her on Monday's and my niece Trish watches her on Tuesday and will help me with a couple of Wednesdays so I am trying to be able to get in as many hours as I can. I think my sister Vicki is going to work with Mom to help her take care of Dani too somewhat. Are you keeping up? Dani can not go to daycare until she is 2 years post transplant so that is not an option. Fun as always!!!

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