Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day +153 The Long Night

WBC 14.0
Hgb 8.3
Platelets 344
ANC 1134

First off everything is fine and Dani did really well last night.

They finally got the blood upstairs around 10:30 last night. They had to have a blood warmer on the IV pole because they had to keep the blood at Dani's internal temp. They hooked her up and ran it very slow for the first hour and took vitals all the time. Her blood pressure was showing slightly low but stable and no other appearance of a problem. After the hour they started cranking up the rate and Dani was sleeping so I snoozed for an hour or so. Dani woke up around 12:30 and then the IV started beeping that there was an occlusion. The two night nurses worked with her IV for a bit but we were running out of time because all the blood had to be given by 2:00 or it would have to be thrown away. They concluded that the IV originally given was so tiny it clotted with the blood.

They called in a Paramedic team to run a new IV in her other arm ... more fun!!!! Dani did really well and they had it in pretty quickly. Fortunately they could put in a larger tube and now we can get blood drawn out of it as well so no more poking. They finished a little bit after 1:00 and then we got the rest of her blood in by 2:10 am. I had to hold her for that hour because the lead from the warmer was not long enough for her to be very active. We finished the blood and then gave her her steriod and we were asleep around 2:45 to be waken a little after 4:00 am to get a new blood draw for counts. After that we slept until around 7:20am. When I asked about counts they said the labs had to be done a special way so they needed to redraw blood to get an accurate read. The last I heard (not officially) was her hemoglobins were at 8.3 (better).

The docs have not made rounds yet but the word on the street is they will give her the second half of the blood and she will be discharged today. Fingers Crossed!!!! I will update when I get more official word. Thanks for all the prayers!!!

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