Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Day +145

Sorry about the long wait for the results on the hearing test. We had an interesting weekend. Dani is definitely not a happy camper with the animals that are in the boxes during the test. So they actually used her crying as a measurement on what she could hear because she would not look in that direction. Fun huh? Anyway they said she is still show very mild high pitch hearing loss but nothing severe enough to effect speech or development. They also said there could be fluid in the inner ear that the naked eye can not see. So she needs to go back in six months to recheck.

The orthopedic office also left a voicemail and the surgeon said she did not have to go back for a year. So maybe we can space out some appointments.

In other news .... Missy Miss is showing temper. I think she might be teething and she definitely is spoiled. She lets you know as soon as you do something she does not like ... for instance if you do not give her all of your attention. She also looks like she is going to have curly hair so we are gonna keep our fingers crossed on that. She goes to clinic next Monday so I will update then with results.

She loves her books and especially the kitten and bears in them. She is saying a lot more words. She also is now helping more with task. She will try to put her seatbelt on in the car and if you say bath she will start trying to take her clothes off. She is getting so big!!!


Anonymous said...

Good to know Caitlin Paige is not the only one with a temper! Glad everything is going well.
Vespe Family

Anonymous said...

How could she not have a temper Kelli!

What a sweetie! Glad the hearing is not a big issue!!!

Crackin me up about her taking her clothes off for a bath! That is great!

Love, Shannon and Charleigh-Anne