Friday, June 29, 2007

Day +234

WBC 6.1
Platelets 266
Hemoglobins 13.7
ANC 5490
Retic 1.08
Weight 29.4
Height 33"

Dani's numbers where wonderful today. She did get her IVIG, which will boost her immune systems. She does not have to go back for four weeks. She is definitely coming to her "terrible two" stage, but we are fine with that. She really amazes us with her natural dancing skills.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Send A Prayer

Kallie is a little girl with Hurler's that had her transplant 2 1/2 months before Dani. She is not doing well and in PICU.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Danica's Charity Golf Tourney 2007

Here is a little view of the fun we had!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day +228 (I think)

I just wanted to post some pictures from the golf tournament. We can not thank everyone enough for coming out and showing support and of course having fun. We had a few bouts of rain and some of us received more moisture than others (Love you Michelle!!!). I do think we all had a fun time and I heard no complaints. Janet and Darren put together an awesome event and there were so many others that helped make it a success.

Dani is an amazing little girl and she blows us away daily on how much she accomplishes and her wonderful personality. She still amazes me with not crying at all when they draw blood or even being afraid when we go into the labs. We go in on Friday for her next dose of IVIG.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Day +226 A Day at the Zoo

WBC 5.0
Hemo 13.8
Platelets 310
ANC 3200
Retic - Do not have yet
We went to the Zoo yesterday. It was really hot but overall it was a fun time. We met our friends Jenny, Chase, Olivia, and Jack. We went through the Children's Zoo, rode on the train, and saw many different animals. The first three photos are from there. The second one, Dani has a cookie in her mouth.
The last photo is Dani sitting in her basket in the dining room. She thinks that is her chair. All is fine here and Grandma Dunn is doing well with her surgery. My Aunt Dorothy passed away this week and I send out prayers for her family.
The golf tournment is tomorrow and should be pretty hot but a lot of fun. I will try to take lots of pictures to show all. A good friend passed away two weeks ago and I miss her advice and guidance. Please visit and take in what a wonderful Mom she was and how much she will be missed. Amy was amazing and so proactive on finding out how to take care of her little ones. Hugs to her husband and babies and I know they will use Amy's strength to get through.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day +220

WBC - 7.1

Hemo - 13.9

Platelets 380

ANC - 6461

Retic - 1.2

It might come off as a shock to some, but today me, Daddy is writing in my baby's blog. Its Fathers Day and I wanted to post today. I so much appreciate my children. Gabe and Ethan are the best stepsons a Dad could have. I enjoy and believe that I am very lucky to have them in my life and I wanted to say that out loud today. And as far as Dani goes, I am the luckiest Dad in the whole world to have such a wonderful and special young lady as my daughter. For all that she has endured up to this point and the way she is still amazes me daily. I pray that she continues to move in the right direction past all of the doctors and needles and medicines and that she begins to live life free of all of this at some point. I have big dreams for her. I dream about her first days of school, and playing with all of the other kids. Going to her plays or games. Dances, dresses, driving lessons, college, marriage, and grandkids. In a Perfect World!
But as long as we continue to take this day by day, minute by minute I am happy. Because I dont want to miss a thing. Not a single thing. I love you Dani, more than life itself baby. You are my sunshine and my star. Kissess and Hugs.

I wanted to also let the world know how much I love my wife today as well. See I got so lucky that Fathers Day this year happens to be Kelli and my 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We had a great dinner last night and I really enjoyed spending time out with her just the two of us. Kelli is a very special woman and I am a very lucky husband. She is exactly what Dani and the boys need and she does so much to impact all of our lives daily. She may never really know how much we really count on her, she deserves so much more gratitude and appreciation and I hope that all of us can live up to the task of repaying her for all that she does.

Well you may have noticed all of Dani's counts look better, and lets keep them getting better! She was taken off her Dijoxin for her heart this week and starting tomorrow she will be weened off of her Lasix for her heart too. And the steriods are continuing to being weened too so very happy for that too. She has lost her Predisone belly and chubby cheeks now and she is looking more like herself. She gets around much better too without all of the extra stuff. She is being very vocal these days and its only a matter of time before she is talking IN ENGLISH..haha. I am scared.

Well I will let Mom post more if she likes and I am going to finish watching the Nascar race now. Happy Fathers Day Daddy Boni and Daddy Dunn!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Day +212

WBC 4.4
Hemo 13.4
Platelets 393
ANC 2464
Retic - Did not get yet

Dani is doing well. She is still trying to cut molars and has a runny nose but otherwise all is fine. She is showing her stubborness and temper which is good (in most cases ;) ) She went to her cardiologist visit yesterday morning. Her heart is pretty much the same. We are probably going to put off her heart surgery until next summer because of new findings with the American Heart Association. We are leary of her being put under 3 times in such a short time and we can not do the eye and heart surgery at the same time now. We are going to start weaning her off of some of her heart meds next weekend and see how that goes. She will go back in about a month for another echo. She will also continue to wean off of her steriods.

We are very excited to have Ethan back home after being at his Dad's for two weeks. Dani has been chuckling a ton today with him.

In our small world Innis, our guniea pig, passed away yesterday. I think I was more effected then the others. He was my first pet that I personally have lost. I feel guilty because I have been waiting for his demise just for the fact that there is so much to take care of around here. We have the 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and at the time Innis. Plus of course the house and job (what limited time I get to go there). He was having issues last weekend and I thought he was getting better but yesterday he could not even move. I gave him a bath and cuddled him in a towel for a bit. Gabe and I had to watch him slowly pass on and it was hard. Gabe, being 10, seemed less effected than I, he was asking about getting a mouse already. There will be none of that.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day +204

Thursday's MRI went well. It was not the funniest time either I or Dani have had but it could of been worse. Dani was a trooper and never griped about not eating. The worst part for me was walking into the MRI room and her being happy as a lark about sitting on the table in the bright light and then watching her eyes roll back in her head after they gave her the drugs. I really would prefer not going through that again but if it helps her to be comfortable than I will of course.

WBC 5.8
Hemoglobin 14.5
Platlets 373
ANC 4466
Weight 29 lbs 1 oz
Height 33 inches
Retic 1.44

Her numbers were awesome this morning. She got her IVIG so that hopefully will help her WBC go up. She does not have to go back to clinic for 4 weeks. We are very excited. We just have to go to the local Quest labs to give blood on Fridays. She did well today for not having a nap and all.

We saw the eye doctor and they are scheduling the muscle correction surgery now. We are hoping to get this surgery and fixing the hole in her heart at the same time. We shall see. We go back to the cardiologist next Friday. They will measure her eyes while she is under and figure out exactly what she needs for the Lens Inplant surgery.

The videos below are her tap dancing and her telling you what a Cow says. She just learned that yesterday while waiting at the hospital.