Saturday, June 09, 2007

Day +212

WBC 4.4
Hemo 13.4
Platelets 393
ANC 2464
Retic - Did not get yet

Dani is doing well. She is still trying to cut molars and has a runny nose but otherwise all is fine. She is showing her stubborness and temper which is good (in most cases ;) ) She went to her cardiologist visit yesterday morning. Her heart is pretty much the same. We are probably going to put off her heart surgery until next summer because of new findings with the American Heart Association. We are leary of her being put under 3 times in such a short time and we can not do the eye and heart surgery at the same time now. We are going to start weaning her off of some of her heart meds next weekend and see how that goes. She will go back in about a month for another echo. She will also continue to wean off of her steriods.

We are very excited to have Ethan back home after being at his Dad's for two weeks. Dani has been chuckling a ton today with him.

In our small world Innis, our guniea pig, passed away yesterday. I think I was more effected then the others. He was my first pet that I personally have lost. I feel guilty because I have been waiting for his demise just for the fact that there is so much to take care of around here. We have the 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and at the time Innis. Plus of course the house and job (what limited time I get to go there). He was having issues last weekend and I thought he was getting better but yesterday he could not even move. I gave him a bath and cuddled him in a towel for a bit. Gabe and I had to watch him slowly pass on and it was hard. Gabe, being 10, seemed less effected than I, he was asking about getting a mouse already. There will be none of that.

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