Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day +220

WBC - 7.1

Hemo - 13.9

Platelets 380

ANC - 6461

Retic - 1.2

It might come off as a shock to some, but today me, Daddy is writing in my baby's blog. Its Fathers Day and I wanted to post today. I so much appreciate my children. Gabe and Ethan are the best stepsons a Dad could have. I enjoy and believe that I am very lucky to have them in my life and I wanted to say that out loud today. And as far as Dani goes, I am the luckiest Dad in the whole world to have such a wonderful and special young lady as my daughter. For all that she has endured up to this point and the way she is still amazes me daily. I pray that she continues to move in the right direction past all of the doctors and needles and medicines and that she begins to live life free of all of this at some point. I have big dreams for her. I dream about her first days of school, and playing with all of the other kids. Going to her plays or games. Dances, dresses, driving lessons, college, marriage, and grandkids. In a Perfect World!
But as long as we continue to take this day by day, minute by minute I am happy. Because I dont want to miss a thing. Not a single thing. I love you Dani, more than life itself baby. You are my sunshine and my star. Kissess and Hugs.

I wanted to also let the world know how much I love my wife today as well. See I got so lucky that Fathers Day this year happens to be Kelli and my 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We had a great dinner last night and I really enjoyed spending time out with her just the two of us. Kelli is a very special woman and I am a very lucky husband. She is exactly what Dani and the boys need and she does so much to impact all of our lives daily. She may never really know how much we really count on her, she deserves so much more gratitude and appreciation and I hope that all of us can live up to the task of repaying her for all that she does.

Well you may have noticed all of Dani's counts look better, and lets keep them getting better! She was taken off her Dijoxin for her heart this week and starting tomorrow she will be weened off of her Lasix for her heart too. And the steriods are continuing to being weened too so very happy for that too. She has lost her Predisone belly and chubby cheeks now and she is looking more like herself. She gets around much better too without all of the extra stuff. She is being very vocal these days and its only a matter of time before she is talking IN ENGLISH..haha. I am scared.

Well I will let Mom post more if she likes and I am going to finish watching the Nascar race now. Happy Fathers Day Daddy Boni and Daddy Dunn!

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