Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

Everything is fine here. Her infusion last week went very well. They said next month we will just check her blood work and go from there so hopefully we will not need anymore. She also goes to the Cardiologist next month. I can not believe we are coming up on 2 years post transplant. Time has flown. I am not sure what all she will need to get done as far as testing goes. I know they want her to have a hearing test and eye test soon. I might call and get that scheduled at the same time.

Dani is loving daycare now. It seems like all the kids get along pretty well. She really loves Ms. Macy (her teacher). They are having a pajama party for Halloween. I am sure she will have a blast especially since they are ordering Pizza (her favorite).

She did get assessed last week for special services through the school district. They seemed to doubt she would qualify for much of anything. It is a bit frustrating because I want to keep her on track for school and they are only looking at current abilities. Anyway that was just an initial visit. She will be evaluated fully in November.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Kids Pics

We got their pictures done on Saturday and they turned out really well. General update on Dani is she is holding her own. You can still tell she is not up to par with feeling good but really only when she is tired and bed time. I don't remember if I posted this last time but her next infusion is Oct 20th. She is also getting evaluated tomorrow for special services through the school district. Hopefully they take into consideration that with Hurler's you do not see a regression until after age three and her services through first steps stop at three. We will see how this goes.

Here they are ...