Monday, September 22, 2008

2nd Infusion

Hi All

Missy Miss had her second IVIG infusion. Today was a bit more stressful then last time but it could of been worse. All her numbers were good.

The clinic rearranged nurses today so we did not have Kari. I am paticular enough to enjoy having the same nurse each time. We had Cheryl then Kari and now Angie. I might have to say something next time if it is another different nurse. It is one thing if you are an adult and dealing with this but with a toddler/baby (which she is to us) familiarity is the key. I give HUGE thanks to Kari because she came over at least four times so Dani had a friend there. I have no issues with Angie ... she was good but not familiar.

Dani just woke up and is very aggravated. It gets harder the older she is. I am hoping it does not make her resentful toward us for putting her through this. We have not had that issue up to this point.