Monday, April 16, 2007

Day +158

WBC 10.0
Hemoglobins 8
Platelets 352
ANC 7500
Bilirubin - 2.1 (Normal .1 - .3)
Weight 26 lbs 1 ounce
Height 32 1/2

Ok ... Another interesting day. So as you can tell her Hemoglobins are going back down. The steriods are obvioulsy not helping. They took blood to start screening for a blood transfusion on Thursday. They will look at her counts then and decide the next course of action. Dr. Hayashi is talking about starting her on a drug called Rituximab. This would be a weekly infusion. It will help destroy the B Cells. The B Cells are what are attacking her red blood cells.

I put the Bilirubin count up there because it is high and we need to keep an eye on it. They said when Red Blood cells are broken down it lets out Bilirubins. We were concerned about her liver function because normally high bilirubin means her liver function is not good but they said that they can also monitor liver function by the AST and ALT level. I am not sure what they stand for but they are both fine.

She is still acting fine but of course we are on edge with all of this. She was a trooper when they were trying to stick her for blood today. She got poked three times. Her arms have track marks on them. Right now they are not considering putting the central line back in, but if her viens get too chewed up that might have to be considered.

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