Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day +156

WBC 10.4
Hemo 9.4
Platelets 3920

Well I took Dani for a blood draw this morning. They said we would not have results until later this afternoon. I talked to her Cardiologist yesterday to see what he was thinking. He was not aware of her hospital stay so I filled him in. He said we would wait to see what her labs show on Monday and go from there. He said the bright side of this whole thing is with her hemoglobins down so low that if her Cardiomyothopy was bad she would of went into heart failure. Since she was non symptomatic that show her heart is pretty strong. So a bright side to the last week.

Very good results!!! We are relieved that the steriods seem to be helping. I will update after clinic on Monday. I hope you all have a nice weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

you all deserve a nice weekend!
so glad you are home and the heart news was an up we all needed

Love you all,
Shannon/ Greg and Charleigh-Anne

sami said...

Hey baby girl...
I am glad that you are home.
I am sending huggies & kissies your way....

Love you all