Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day +273

I will add her labs when I get them.

Dani is ok and sleeping right now. This was probably the hardest recovery room visit we had. She was sooo woozy that she clung to the nurse for a minute or five, and did not recognize us. The insides of her eyes (toward her nose) is red and swollen and that could last a few weeks. She will be hazy in her eyes from the drops and such until tomorrow morning. She was still, right before nap, still acting like she had a good night at the bar (stumbling and such). Yet, as Missy Miss always does, she was smiling and wanting to dance after we got home.

The best news out of this surgery is her eye sight has not gotten worse over the year. Dr. Tysen said we would wait a few months and see about the lens implant surgery. Right now developmentally she is doing fine and if she starts struggling we will pursue the other surgery. His concer is that she has corneal clouding and that will not stop after the lens implant. So it is a wait and see type of thing

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