Friday, July 27, 2007

Day +260

WBC 3.8
Hemoglobins 13.2
Platelets 284
ANC 1900
Retic .93
Weight 29 lbs 5 ozs
Height 33 inches

Sorry for no update last week but my computer crashed and I lost all the data. All is well though. Dani has a slight rash under her neck but we all think it is just heat rash. She did go to clinic today and received IVIG but they ran a blood test to check if she still needed it and she does not ... she is normal in that regard. She is off of steriods and we are going to start weaning her Cyclosporine (sp?) again. She will be completely off of it by October 1st if all goes well.

I am going to try to go back to work full time. We really need to increase income so we are going to try a home daycare situation. Her cousin Kendall (Erin is gonna shoot me because I am pretty sure I spelt her name wrong) will be there and they are only 1 month apart so Dani will get to spend time with other kids. Wish us luck!!!!

Dani is talking more and more everyday. She mimics a lot of words but clearly says Mom, Bye, Hi, Dad, and Einstein (Baby Einstein). She will be having eye surgery August 9th. It is an outpatient procedure and hopefully will help with keeping her glasses on.

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