Monday, July 09, 2007

Day +242

WBC 3.2
Hemoglobins 13.7
Platelets 281
ANC 1472
Retic .8
Weight 29 lbs 4 ozs
Height 33 inches

I wish Dani's WBC count was higher but she has been acting fine. We are slowing weaning off meds. She officially down to two heart meds and we will go on Friday for an Echo to see how her heart is dealing with it. She has learn the fine art of taking her diaper off. So she has mooned us a few times in the morning when we go to get her out of bed. She is doing really well with the sippy cup and regular food.

We went to our local civic center for fireworks on the 4th and Dani did not enjoy them. She did not cry but clamped on to Jason and I and did not want to look at them. You could definitely tell she was scared so Jason walked her home while I stayed with Gabe and some friends of ours. They were really pretty and only about 4 blocks away from the house.

Ethan came back home on Friday and it was a hot weekend. We vegged on Saturday and went to a pool party for my Great Nephew Mason on Sunday. The boys had a blast with swimming and playing games. They are now staying at Grandma's for a couple days.

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