Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day +293

Labs from Monday:

WBC 4.8
Hemoglobins 13.3
Platelets 240
ANC 1776
Height 33 inches
Weight 30 lbs 3 ounces

I will try to take some new pictures today. Her ANC is back up so that is good. They think maybe the eye surgery stressed her body out and that was why it was low. We had a long visit Monday but they said she is doing great. The next month or so will be the test. The Rituximed (sp?) will start to wear off and she is weaning off the Cyclosporine and will be done with that Oct 1st. So if things are going to change it will show this fall. Fingers Crossed.

We had our follow up visit for the eye doctor today. He said everything looks fine from the recovery standpoint but her left eye is still a little crossed. She will go back at the beginning of December for a second follow up. At that point we will talk about possibly having to redo the surgery on her left eye. The doctor did say if we wanted to we could try the patch and glasses again and see if she is a little more cooperative. So we will give that a try.

The therapist from First Steps is coming today and I am hoping Missy Miss will be cooperative with her. She is still learning new things everyday and saying more words. Daddy bought her a working (but play) microphone and she sings the beginning of Fergie's song "Big Girl's Don't Cry" (La la la la) and "Brella" from Rhianna's song Umbrella. Daddy also made up new words to Amy Whinehouse's song "Rehab" and he sings "They try to make me go to preschool and I said No No No" and she will sing the No No No part. It is cute.

Anyway ... I had to edit the blog the last entry because we were told if I did not then we would not get our final paychecks. They said I had inaccurate information on there. This was all by email. So Jason asked for the accurate information so we could be "Truthful" but did not get a reply back. Go Figure.

We are both sending out resumes and Jason has been on a couple interviews so hopefully things will get back to normal soon on that front. If anyone missed it Jason and I were both fired from our job on August 10th. The day after Dani's surgery. I did not go into work because Dani has been sick the night before and they told Jason when he walked in. I still have never be told why I was fired. My termination letter says per our conversation with your husband. Five years and that is what I get. Nice!!! Talk about lack of loyalty. Which was the reason they fired Jason. He put his resume on Monster. ANYWAY ... we are trudging along. Everything happens for a reason and I am sure things will end up better in the long run.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!

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