Friday, September 14, 2007

Day +309

WBC 6.4
Hemo 13
Platelets 311
ANC 3392
Retic 1.2

Well ... Dani's numbers are wonderful . We are soo happy they are continuing to go up. Missy Miss is learning more signs and words. She know the signs for "More" and "Please. And she is saying a ton of words. We are working on fine motor skills and she is picking up on that also. She has puzzles, shape sorters, and has a Mrs. Potatoe Head. She is also eating a ton of new things. She says Done, Hello, Mom, Morning, Please, Thank You, More, and a few more I am sure I am forgetting.
The boys are doing really well in school also. Gabe is going to start in band and Ethan is playng soccer.

Jason started a new job this past Monday and I will be starting a new job this next Monday. As it always is stated things happen for a reason and we will be in a MUCH better place and position with these new jobs then we were before. There is a reason for everything.

Thanks everyone for the support and concern and we keep trudging along...

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Megan said...

She's getting so big! The curls are amazing...I've never seen a child with such thick curly hair!