Friday, August 17, 2007

Day +281

Counts from last Thursday 8/9/07

WBC 3.7
Hemoglobins 11.5
Platelets 236
ANC 1073
Retic 1.15

Today's Count
WBC 3.5
Hemoglobins 12.9
Platelets 300
ANC 805
Retic 0.9

We are a bit concerned with her ANC being below 1000 and continuing to go down. We will keep an eye on it and see. She has been acting fine. She has somehow learned the sign for "more" and it is soo cute. She also nows sings "Brella, Brella, Brella" which is from that Rihanna song "Umbrella".

Her eyes are doing fine and the blood is about gone around them. I will update with a picture soon.

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