Friday, May 25, 2007

Day +197

WBC 5.1
Hemoglobins 14
Platelets 382
ANC 3315
Retic 5.3

Well this morning Dani decided to worry us because she had a rash under her chin. This afternoon it is better so we will keep an eye on it. Her numbers are good. We are waiting for her Retic number to see about weaning her steriods so more.

She is now on a sippy cup and is tap dancing. She loves her dancing. I will try to take a video of it. She is still not the happiest about table food. She is starting to eat Honey Nut cheerios.

The boys are out of school and are very happy about it. Grandma Dunn is getting her other hand done on the 6th of June so more happy thoughts her way. PJ (my nephew that was in the accident at the end of last year) is back on a Naval Carrier and outside of Iran. Send positive thoughts his way also to come home safely. He is on the USS Nimitz (sp?).

I hope everyone enjoys their long holiday weekend (US bound anyway) and all have a nice weekend!!!!! Send a special prayer that Vibeke in Norway will be started on Enzyme Replacement Therapy soon. She has been fighting so hard to get it and she is getting some positive comments back now.


Yvonne, Dani's nurse practioner, called back and she is going to get IVIG (Immune System Booster) next Friday. It is a four hour infusion so I hope we make our 1:00 appointment with the eye doctor to talk about the lens implant. They lowered her steriods from 3.0 daily to 2.8 ml daily. The rash we will keep an eye on and see if it gets any worse.

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