Friday, May 04, 2007

Day +176

WBC 9.6

Platelets 509

Hemoglobins 12.2

ANC 6144

We did not go to clinic today. I have been sick all week and did not want to spread my germs nor sit with Dani in a small room to chance getting her sick. Dr. Hayashi is not there this week so they talked to Dr. Shenoy and she said we could wait till next Friday for her next infusion. I asked Dani's nurse Carrie to follow up with Dr. Hayashi on Monday to make sure that was ok. We went to Quest this morning for a blood draw to make sure her hemoglobins were ok and as you can tell all her numbers are really good!!!!

She has been doing well. The pictures above were taken by Grandma Dunn when she was watching Dani on Thursday. It was labeled Dani's new trick. This was the first time she climbed up. Her hips do not seem to be holding her back at all. Grandma Dunn gets her surgery next Wednesday so everyone keep her in your thoughts that all goes well!!!

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Anonymous said...

And she never took her hand off the bottle! Good to hear she's doing better - hope you start to feel better, also.
Katrina & Caitlin Vespe