Friday, May 18, 2007

Day +190

WBC 6.8
Hemoglobins 12.8
Platelets 289
ANC 5644
Weight 28 lbs 14 ozs
Retic - 5.4

It was a good visit. All the numbers are going in the right direction. We are back to going to clinc every two weeks ... very exciting!!! They lowered her steriod dose. We will go to a local Quest Lab next week just to get numbers. They were talking earlier about starting IVIG (which boost the immune system) but that is not definite and I think the numbers might be good enough this week not to have too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day. We laid low and relaxed the entire day. We are getting a lot done around the house which is nice and so ready for the boys to be out of school. The next clinic visit is the same day as the prep session for Dani's eye surgery. It will be an interesting day.

Dani was tap dancing in clinic today and it was too cute. She is figuring out a lot around the house. Which means we have stepped up on child safety gadgets. She wants to go outside all the time now and we are still scared. But she has been out and not sure about her bare feet in the grass. Jason bought her a blow up pool so I will take pictures when she (and her brothers) get in.

Mom did well with her surgery and her next one is scheduled for June 6th. Keep the good thoughts rolling!!!

Do not forget about the golf tournament June 23rd. Jason is playing and I will be a beer girl. It should be a lot of fun. Shoot me an email for details

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