Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day +202 Our Agenda

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend (here in the US :) ). We did for the most part. Dani and I laid low and spent the weekend at home. She finally cut two molars and is working on a third. She had a fever overnight Sunday night into Monday. I was hoping it was just the teething and I think it was. You could tell she did not feel good though. Poor baby. She has created some new words, but we are not sure what they mean. But at least she is trying. I made her watch racing all day Sunday (instead of dancing to music). I am hoping to convert her early. hehehe

Jason and the boys went camping overnight Sunday into Monday. They fished and caught tabpoles and such. They love going and sitting around the campfire. Ethan was attacked by every bug known to man so he enjoyed himself immensely. We BBQed on Monday and just took it easy. It was fun. Jason and I have really been working on the house inside and out. I will post pictures of all the flowers we have planted and the bar downstairs that he has remodeled soon.

I did not mention it before but we went to "The Angelman Syndrome" walk-a-thon a couple of weeks ago. Website . Our really good friends Rick and Suzanne's oldest baby boy has this. It was an awesome event. It was held at Jefferson Barracks State Park and we all enjoyed ourselves. Us five went and then a friend from work, Jenny and her son Jack met us there. The boys and Jack had a blast following the trial and enjoying each other. We met up with a few friends we had not seen in awhile (Trevor and his new wife Kim) and then Ricky's parents. We will definitely be going from now on.

Well today we were going to go to the Zoo but it was rained out. Tomorrow Dani is scheduled for an MRI (under anesthesia) and then Friday we have the IVIG (Immune Boost) infusions and the eye doctor appointment. I will let you know how it goes.

Vibeke is getting ready to start infusions and it is very exciting that she finally got approval. Thanks for all the love and thoughts.

Erin ..... I will try the teddy grahams next but I am really working on veggies right now. I did buy baby goldfish but have not opened them yet. She is still more picky then I am used to. The boys use to just shovel everything in. She is more stubborn than Gabe which amazes me.

She is definitely a smart one and knows what we are talking about and the schedule for the day. She tells me what is next in the morning when getting ready. She will tell me when it is time to brush her teeth and when it is time to clean her ears. She now will not keep socks on her feet.

Please do not forget the Golf Tournament on Saturday June 23rd. It should be a lot of fun and there is always prizes to win.

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