Friday, May 11, 2007

Day +183 Last Infusion ... We hope

WBC 13.8
Hemoglobins 11.5
Platelets 352
ANC 12,834
Weight 28 lbs 4 ozs
Retic 9.32

Dani started the day of in a mood. She was not happy with anything on the drive into the hospital. I warned them when we got there and they pushed things along. It could of be worst or better but we were very happy it is hopefully the last infusion forever. Her counts are pretty good. Her ANC is high because her immune systems has been suppressed from these infusions and the calculation they use to get this number is errored (sp?).

She has a clear runny nose that we are hoping does not get any worse. She is kind of back to ground zero with her immune system so we have to continue to be careful with cleanliness and such. We have not really relaxed in that department so no big deal.

She loves her music and her gerber graduate crackers. I have a video I will download her in a bit of her dancing. She will grab the remote for the TV or just stand in front of any TV and start bobbing up and down to dance. She loves watching videos.

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