Monday, October 22, 2007


Dani broke out in a rash this weekend. All over her body. We were all very concerned and I did more research this weekend then I have in a few months. She always acted fine but the rash was not pretty. Grandma Boni took her to clinic today to get it checked out and her WBC where back up to 4.2. They think it is still viral. That is wonderful news because we were all worrying it was GVHD.

She is still acting fine and we actually ordered her new glasses today. I will take pictures when we get them in and post them. Thanks everyone for all the thoughts, help, and prayers!!!

Mason and Sara passed away last week ... On top of all that was going on it was overwhelming.

Mason's journal is at

and Sara's from what I know did not have a website but was a beautiful girl with a wonderful Mom. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of your families!!!


Janeen Eisler said...

HI Dani me and my Mommy are so happy that your rash is not GVH!!! You are gonna look so cool in your new glasses we cant wait to see them. My Mommy said thanks for the info with my rash, it doesnt bother me either its just there. What are you gonna be for halloween? I'm gonna be Superman. Talk to you soon.
Spiderman Andrew and Janeen

Tisha said...

Hi Kelli. I was just taking some time to actually sit down and read Dani's updates. I'm sorry you are dealing with this rash. I had not seen pictures of her in such a long time. I cannot believe the curls! She looks so pretty. It's amazing how quickly they grow.
Praying for you always!

Tisha (Kaylie's Mommy)