Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catching Everyone Up

Hi All,

Well Dani broke out in a rash last weekend. Grandma Boni took her into the clinic on Monday and they did some lab work. They concluded it was viral and said it would be gone in awhile. Dani has been acting fine since the week before when she got sick at Grandma Dunn's.

Her rash was better (I was putting steriod cream on it three times a day) by Wednesday. So all was good. When I got off work on Friday Kari, our nurse at clinic, called my cell phone. She said she had been trying to get a hold of us since Wednesday (good start to a conversation). With all the turmoil and new phone numbers not all the charts got updated. So she said that Dani's test for HHV6 came back positive. That is a form of Herpes. So they want to see her tomorrow. I googled it and did not like what I googled but all the negative was if she got it a couple weeks after transplant.

So I will let you all know what is going on tomorrow. She is still acting fine and as demanding as ever.

As a side note ... On Discovery Health there was a show about Mystery Diagnosises. The first half is about a wonderful little boy, Zach, that has MPS II (Hunter's Syndrome). It goes a bit in depth about MPS in general. Here is the download ...

I will be on tomorrow.

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Megan Russell said...

I'm thinking of you guys and patiently waiting an update. Love ya much!