Friday, July 03, 2009


A lot has occurred in the last few weeks. Dani had to have another infusion and on the same day my Dad passed away.
For those that do not know my Dad has been dealing with health issue since my high school graduation (1991) I just dated myself didn't I?

My Dad was an amazing man. He was filled with jokes and laughter. He was easy going, easy to talk to, and would help anyone. He was so knowledgable and was the go to man for help. Any household issue you could ask him and he would give you the solution or point you in the right direction. He helped his family and friends (his kids friends too) any way he could. He LOVED his grandkids.

He had a stroke in 1999 and was not himself after that although still had his moments. I talked to him a few different times about household issues and he would tell me exactly the problem. I am very sadden that Ethan and Dani never knew him as he was. Gabe can remember him somewhat but most of the other Grandkids, I believe, realize and appreciate who he was before his ailments.
He was my best friend and helped Mom and I make it through her menopause (sorry Mom) and my pre teen and teenage years. They coincided ... he had it rough. I can not say enough to show how wonderful he was.

He will be greatly missed and very appreciated. I will update another day on our trip to San Diego which occurred during this time.

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Elizabeth said...

I am so very sorry to hear that your father passed. We will be praying for all of you!