Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry it has been so long

I have been told by many this past week that I am lacking in my updates. Sorry to you all. I was waiting for new photos and also there is alot going on. I am sure that is true with the majority. Dani is still having to get infusions. She has had one each month so far this year. I need to get her blood work done this month to see if she will need one again but we are assuming she will. Missy Miss has had double ear infections the past week and a little bout of pneumonia. She is doing some breathing treatments.

She still loves daycare and her early childhood classes. Ms Macy and Ms Betsy are her favorite. She loves painting and reading. Oh and bossing her brothers around.

Great Grandma Boni past away this last week and we will miss her. She was a wonderful person and so supportive of Dani and all of us. She was always there for Missy Miss and sent so much love through all the trial. I can see how Dani gets her stubborness. There is way to much irish on both sides.

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