Thursday, May 08, 2008

18 Months Post Transplant

WBC - 6.9
Hemoglobins - 13/4
ANC - 4278
Weight - 35 lbs
Height - 37 inches

It's that time. We had two doctor visits. One was the cardiologist. We went in thinking we would start weaning her off her meds but she had other thoughts. Her heart function was down slightly. Her ejection fraction was 51 (Was 55 at last visit) and her shortening fraction was 25 (Was 32 at last visit). So that was a little frustrating. We increased one of her meds and she will go back in November for another echo.

Her clinic visit was wonderful. All her numbers are good and Dr. Hayashi was very happy with everything. She will go back in October for another followup.

I will post pictures of her later of her in her big girl bed. I need to download them. She is doing really well adjusting to it. We just set it up a week ago. She is saying soooo many words it is amazing. She picks things up very quickly. She calls a cookie a tookie. She loves Dora, Blue's Clues, Franklin, and Little Bear. She can sing all the songs in the show plus many more. She is counting up to twenty (although 13 through 19 sounds the same "intteen"). She knows the alphabet song and we are working on her colors.

The pictures up above are from Grandma Dunn's house. She is getting into everything!!! And using whatever is available to stand on to reach stuff.

Hope all is well with everyone. OHHHHH and if anyone is interested the Thanks Mom Bone Marrow Drive is going on from May 5th - 19th. It is free to join the registry (normally $60) during this time. You can go to to find out more about it and order a kit.

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