Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Missy Miss!!!

9.9 WBC
13.8 HG
240 Platelets
4158 ANC

I thought for old times sake I would put her counts up. We are still waiting to here back on her IGG results so we still do not know if she will need another IVIG infusion or not.

We all survived Chuck E Cheese on Sunday. Dani was not sure whether she liked Chuck E or not. She gave him a high five and followed him during the Birthday parade but that was about it. Otherwise she had a blast as did everyone I believe. She loves the slide they have there and of course the rides. She received quite a few Barbies and princesses.
We did do Dani's assessment through the school district for services and she qualified. She is going to be receiving Speech, Physical, and Developmental Therapy. We are going to set up her IEP on Friday.
We hope you all have a very wonderful holiday season!!!

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