Monday, February 12, 2007

Day +95

WBC 3.6
Hemoglobin 10.8
Platelets 319
ANC 1440
Weight 24 lbs 15 ozs
Height 31 1/2"

As usual these days I do not have any numbers yet and will update again when I do. Dani no longer has to do ANY infusions!!!! Yippeeee!!!!!! She is on all orals meds now. She will only be doing two test for her 100 days. She will be put under tomorrow to do another Bone Marrow Biopsy and then some point this week she will have a hearing test. They will be doing an MRI and X-Rays at 6 months out. I cancelled her eye exam because I am getting a second opinion May 1st and she will go back to Dr. Tyson June 1st so there is no point in doing one right now.

She will have clinic again next Monday and then start going every other Monday. She will have her central line taken out 2 visits from today. That is sooo exciting also. I asked about doing an eat study on Dani and Dr. Wilson said he would check into it. I would really like to get her eating table food at some point and then switch over to whole milk.

She only has to wear a mask going to the hospital and doctor's offices now. Although we are still not taking her out in public places but we do not have to worry as much as we did. I am trying to think of what else I asked today. She is currently taking 7 medicines (four of those being her heart meds). We will hopefully be weaning those down as the days progress.

I should start back to work next Monday and am ready to go. It will be nice to have two paychecks again. I know Grandma Dunn can not wait to get her hands on Dani. She has not been able to spend as much time as she was use to with her. I can not thank my bosses and friends at work enough for being so wonderful during this entire situation. I could not have asked for a better work environment and so much understanding. Everyone has been so supportive through this and it has helped tremendously.

We are thinking about having a party in the summer so Dani can meet all her family and friends. I will let you all know when I have more details about it.

Please keep Nick and his family in your prayers and hug your love ones.

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