Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day +108

We had a wonderful time today at the Klenke Bowl, in honor of Kraig, and for the MPS Society. Dani did not attend but Jason, Gabe, Ethan, and I did. I hope more of you will be able to attend next year. We saw a few different MPS families and it was wonderful to see them. I won a wonderful basket of MPS logoed items. Dani is modeling one of the hats in the pictures. Gabe won a volcano lamp and Jason won some Bandana's BBQ sauces and spatula.
I will post more pictures of the bowl when I see them. I, of course, forgot our camera. Dani went to her first family function yesterday. My nephew P.J. (who I wrote about in November) is in town for his sister Erin's wedding. Dani did well and everyone was happy to see her but of course today she has a runny (clear) nose and a little bit of a fever. This could be due to her trying to break a molar through but it has put us on edge. I am hoping we did not push to soon. She has no appointments this week. The boys go to the dentist on Tuesday and then Jason is out of town Tuesday to Wednesday. I am hoping for a normal ... no appointment week soon. Dani goes back to the clinic on the 5th and gets her Central Line out the 9th. I will update again as things occur. Hope you all have a wonderful and uneventful week.

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