Monday, September 11, 2006

Donor Activated


We just got the call from Children's and they have activated the donor. So we will have more information in a week or so. Still looking at the first round of chemo mid to late Oct and the transplant beginning of Nov.

In other news...

Dani is doing wonderfully. She loves to watch her brothers. She thinks they are soooo silly. Her hearing test went well. She went to the peditrician for her 9 month check up and that went well also. Dr. Kruesser is still concerned with her tightness in her hips and was to pursue physical therapy. I talked to our helper (Amy) at Children's and she said she will get physical therapy everyday while she is in and we can start something ahead of time if we want. She did not have to get any shots this go around because of the transplant wiping out her immune systems.

I can not think of anything more to update so hope you all have a wonderful week.

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