Saturday, September 02, 2006

Her first Popsicle

Hi All,

First I guess there was no new developments on which 5 out of 6 donor they will take. They are still waiting on the lab to give them more data. Hopefully early next week we will hear something.

Dani went to a developmental therapist at Children's as part of the Transplant process. They put her at low average. Which to us is wonderful considering her bad eyesight and having Hurler's. They will help us while she is in the hospital to keep her as much on target as we can.

She just learned Patty Cake this week and it is soooo fun. She also is getting way too good at crawling. She ventures all over now. We are working on Itsy Bitsy Spider now and Bye Bye.

She will be having a hearing test this week. I do not anticipate any issues there but will let you know what we learn.

We have now decided that I will take leave from work during the transplant to be with Dani the majority of time. Jason will be available evenings and weekends so that I can have time with the boys and myself. It will be hard without having two incomes coming in for awhile, especially with the holidays approaching, but the fundraisers that our families did for us will help. We have a lot of family supports so I know things will go pretty smooth with any additional help needed.

I hope all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

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