Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Choice has been made

Dani will be given a chance at a more normal life with a 5 out of 6 match adult bone marrow donor. Dr. Hayashi said the adult bone marrow was a better fit then the cord blood they were looking at. So the agenda is going to go something like this. They will make a final decison (between 2 different 5 out of 6 donors) next Thursday. Then once the decision is made the transplant will occur 4 to 6 weeks later.

Just to get everyone ready, the way they count down the days is any day before the transplant is a negative and any day after transplant is a positive. So the day she gets her transplant will be day 0.

Dani will need quite a few test in the next month or so. The will want to get a base line on all of her vitals. So I know currently she will be getting an MRI, X-Rays of all her bones, Hearing, Developmental, Echo, EKG, Bone Marrow, and blood test.

Day -22 Dani will go into the hospital for 4 days of chemo. She will come out for a couple weeks and then go in at -6 days and stay until after the trasplant. She will have 4 more days of chemo and then 2 days rest and then the transplant. If all goes well she will be in the hospital for 4 weeks after that.

Jason and I are trying to figure out the best course of action on us working and taking care of the family. We have some hard decisions ahead of us.

Also we will be having a Bone Marrow Drive on September 23rd at the James Eagen Center in Florissant on Dani's behalf. Currently it will cost $25 dollars for the first 100 and $55 dollar after that but we are trying to get some corporate sponsors to help with those cost. When I get more information and a flyer I will let everyone know. We were so hoping to get a 6 out of 6 match for Dani and we need to do everything we can to get more choices in the registry. I plan on this being an annual event.

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