Monday, August 14, 2006

Miss Dani is getting closer

Hi All,

I was hoping to have a picture from the fundraiser before posting but I have not received any yet. We had a wonderful time Friday night. The boys had a blast singing Karoke. Miss Dani and I danced and she loved it. We had awesome food and really cool baskets to raffle. Heather and Diane did an awesome job putting everything together. Erin, Chris, and Melissa slaved over the stove to get the food prepared. They do not want to see another noodle ever. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Jason was told on Friday that Dani should be getting her transplant Mid Oct to Early November. We are definitely ready to get the process rolling to get her better but we are also very scared about the entire situation. Everyone has been wonderful with their support and prayers.

Gabe and Ethan started school yesterday and loved it. We will hope it stays that way. Gabe is in 4th and Ethan in 2nd. Gabe is upstairs and now changes classes for different subjects. He is growing up so fast. Ethan has the same teacher Gabe had and that will hopefully be a bonus. I will post first day pictures when I get them downloaded.

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