Wednesday, August 09, 2006

WIL 92.3 and Cardio Visit Update

If you are up and interested I will be on WIL 92.3 Cornbread in the Morning tomorrow morning anywhere from 5AM to 10AM. We did the interview today and again let me state that I am not the best at public speaking. hehehe. The fundraiser is sounding like its going to be a great time!!!

Also Dani's cardiologist appointment yesterday went really well. Her shortening fraction (shortening fraction measures and ratios the change in the diameter of the left ventricle between the contracted and relaxed state) when she was born was at 18 (they were talking about a heart transplant at that time) and has stay between there and 22. Yesterday it was at 25.4 (YEAH!!!) the low end of normal is 26!!! Her ejection fraction (a useful measure of left ventricular performance) at her lowest was 38%. Yesterday it was 60% and the normal range for a female is 55-75%. Great news all around.

So she is doing really well with the enzyme treatments. Dr. Goel did not increase her medication at this time because he wants to see if her heart improves more with just the treatments so we go back in 2 months to check it out.

Talk to you all soon

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