Monday, March 19, 2007

Day +130

I was going to say all is quiet but ummmmmm all the children are vocal enough that it would not be true ... hahaha. The boys are on spring break this week. Gabe is spending it with Grandma Bullock and we took him yesterday to a half way point between us and them. Dani was really done with the car by the time we got home. It was a three hour round trip.

Ethan is with his Dad this week but will come to our house today and tomorrow to be watched with Dani. So I got to see him this morning and he is all excited about going fishing with his Dad later in the week.

Dani's steri strips came off yesterday so she got to take her first regular bath today. She was kicking and splashing and having a grand ole time. She is still really clinging with Jason and I .. more so Jason (She's a daddy's girl). She saw her pediatrician on Saturday and Dr. Kruesser said her ears look wonderful. So we will go ahead with her hearing test on the 30th. She will have clinic on the 26th and I rescheduled her Ortho visit for the 27th.

Aunt Janet and Uncle Darren are putting together a Golf Tournament. They have it every year but this year the proceeds will go to Dani!!! I will attach the poster and the deadline for registration is April 15th. We attended the after party last year and it was wonderful. I hope some of you can make it.

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