Monday, March 26, 2007

Day +137 Clinic Day

WBC - 3.6
Hemo - 9.7
Platelets - 251
ANC - 1767
Weight 24 lbs 6 ozs
Length 32 inches

Hi All,

Well I was not happy to see her numbers down but they said they will flucuate as any normal persons does but I want them to go up up up within reason. She is 100% engrafted with her donor's cell still ... yippee!!!! She is doing well overall and keeping us busy chasing her. She has an orthopedic appt tomorrow and hearing test on Friday so I will update with those through the week.

Our weekend was beautiful and it was nice to be able to get outside with the boys. They have new bikes and Miss Dani received a little Barbie power wheel ATV. She is not sure of that yet. I will take pictures and post them ... I promise.

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