Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dani has a Website

I started working on a website last night. The link is to the side under the News Video. This is only the second website I have worked on so don't laugh too much. I wanted a place I could thank individuals and show the flyer for the fundraiser better. Check it out!!!

Dani was observed Monday to see how she was doing developmentally. Overall it went well. They might recommend a physical therapist because she is not rolling over or propping up on her elbows yet. But some of the levels she was at 7 months compared to her six months. We will know more next week when we discuss our course of action.

The fundraiser is coming together. I cannot thank Janet, Laura, and Denise enough for all the hard work they are putting in. I know I have said it before but it is amazing how many people are pulling together to make this happen. It gets bigger every day. The raffle should really be fun, all the stuff that is being donated.

More great news!!! The NATD (National Association of Telecom Dealers) set up a fund for Dani through their charity. That means that if a donation is made to them in Dani's behalf it is tax deductible. Thanks so much to everyone associated with NATD for all the support and help!!! Full details on where to send the check is on her website.

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