Friday, June 02, 2006

ERT 6/2/06

Hi All,

Dani received her 3rd Enzyme Replacement Therapy today. All went pretty smoothly. We were actually done at 2:00pm so that was nice. I had to get blood drawn to see if I am a match for her and that put a damper on getting out of the hospital at a decent time. Dani also gave blood to type her and they told me it would take a couple weeks to hear back from that.

Daddy picked up her glasses today so when we get them on her we will take pictures and post them.

Aunt Sharon was on KMOX last night promoting Miss Dani's Medical Fund and the Fundraiser July 8th. She will be on again tonight if anyone is listening.

Again we can not thank Janet, Darren, Laura, Pat, Denise, Heather, Diane and everyone else for all their help with planning and running the fundraisers for Miss Dani.

The boys are back from their Dad's this weekend. We are very excited to have them home.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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