Monday, June 05, 2006

Prayers & Good Thoughts

Just a step back in reality. As I read more about the families and kids that have Hurler's I realize what a long journey we have. Out of all the journals from families about their journey through this world its amazing all the directions they go. Half have wonderful recoveries and they are doing extremely well and then I read about those that have sent their children on to look over the other children. I was reading a site this evening about a little girl and they have home movies on her site and she looks wonderful and just about Dani's age. She made it a year post transplant and then complications occurred and she is now watching down on all of us. Please keep Dani is your prayers. That is all we ask right now. She has a long journey to overcome. Positive thoughts are key and we normally do pretty well in that department but every once in awhile the insecurities escape.

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