Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day +65

Well we have been watching a small rash on Dani's face since Thursday. It was noticeable on one side of her cheek yesterday. Last night Jason noticed it was on both sides. I called Amy (Our Coordinator) and she said keep an eye on it and if it gets worse call the hospital.

This morning it was on her legs and arms so we called and went into the hospital. We were there for three hours. Jason won a PSP game from work yesterday and that came in very handy with keeping the boys entertained. Which Gabe is proudly displaying in the picture.

They are thinking right now she has fifth disease. It will not be confirmed until they get labs back. This is a common childhood viral infection but of course with her immune system it's not the best news. Although we were scared of Graph vs Host Disease so at least it is not that. There is nothing we can do but keep an eye on her and luckily she is acting fine. I talked to Amy and she did not seem concerned so that was nice to hear. She said Dani is far enough along in the process that she should be able to handle it.

The problem will be that it will take awhile to get out of her system and her counts will be low. Today her WBC was 2.7 and her ANC was 1700. We are to call if she gets worse otherwise.

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