Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day +55 Drum Roll Please

Miss Dani is 100% Engrafted

I was so excited yesterday I forgot to update her numbers ... here they are
WBC 3.6 (They said these will continue to decrease as she is weaning off of the steriods. Once that is done they will start going up again)
Hemoglobin 11.1
Platelets 254
ANC 2196
Weight 24 lbs 14 ozs

They gave us the results today from the biposy and Dani has 100% of her donor's cells. That is wonderful!!! I was not expecting that at this point. They took samples today to find out if she needs to continue her enzyme therapy. We will know in two weeks and she will be getting an echo on her heart on Jan 15th. So more results to come. You can definitely tell a difference in her appetite as we wean her off of the steriods. She is not eating nearly as much as she was. She is also getting better with table food.

It has been pretty calm "knock on wood" this week. The boys went to their Dad's until next Monday when school starts.


Anonymous said...

That is reat news! Congrats Dani!

THe Vespes

Stefanie Cowen said...

What wonderful news!! Way to go dani!
Love ya