Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day +66

Well to top off yesterday's activities we lost power at 10:00 pm. It was quite nuts around here. Gabe was trying so hard to help out and doing what he could to help and it was much appreciated. We ended up starting up the generator and getting the heater going in the living room and Dani's room. It actually could of been a lot worse but it was a long night.

The boys fell asleep on the couch and the electric came back on at 1:40am. So I carried them to bed and what a feat that was. Jason was getting the generator turned off and things organized. Of course Dani decides to wake up at 4:00 am so I got up with her and tried to get her comfortable.

Now we are bracing for another round tonight and I am soooo hoping we stay online. My mom and niece's family are still out and at my sister's in O'Fallon. I am sooo getting to hate the word Ameren (Our Electric Company). I hope all make it through the weekend warm.

Dani is doing well. She showed a little sign of itching this morning so we gave her Benadryl and that seem to help. Her appetite and disposition have been fine.

Jason went out to buy more provisions for the evening and we hopefully will not have to use them. I am going to cancel the cardiologist appt tomorrow because of the viral infection and we are both disappointed with that. We want to see how her heart is doing. I will let you know what I reschedule it for.

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